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Clinical Research

Boice-Willis has partnered with PMG Research of Rocky Mount to provide our patients and the community with the unique opportunity to participate in clinical research. In this partnership, we are committed to educating people about clinical trials, connecting them to appropriate clinical trials, monitoring the health and safety of each participant, and working together with pharmaceutical companies to collect information that may help others.

If you have ever taken prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, your life has been touched by clinical research and its clinical trial participants. Through the important clinical research process, medicines, medical devices, and vaccines are developed for those who need them most.

The providers at Boice-Willis Clinic along with the staff at PMG Research of Rocky Mount, can guide interested research participants through the enrolling trial process at PMG.

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Learn more on their website or by contacting PMG Research at (252) 937-0484.

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