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Health Education & Diabetes Center

Allison Jenkins
Wendy Moore
Megan Conley

Diabetes Group Class Results

238 total patients have completed classes
Of 194 patients with both pre- and post-class A1c’s:
Average Pre-class A1c: 8.19
Average Post-class A1c: 6.79
Of 213 patients with both pre- and post-class weights:
Average Pre-class weight: 212.7 pounds
Average Post-class weight: 207.4 pounds
Average wt loss: 5.3 pounds

(Only calculated for patients who have pre/post weight)



  American Diabetes Association


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The Boice-Willis Clinic Health Education Department and Diabetes Education Program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education  since 1999, and works with physicians to offer comprehensive medical care. Our professional staff provides health and diabetes education, assessment, and follow-up with the goal of providing information and skills essential to maintain optimal health.

Through participation in the Diabetes Education Program, the patient will become familiar with the relationship of nutrition, exercise, medication, and self-monitoring of blood sugars to achieve diabetes control. Improved control through self-management decreases the risk of complications such as heart disease and stroke, kidney dialysis, blindness, and amputations.

Health Education now offers group classes.
The Health Education and Diabetes Team at Boice-Willis is now offering group classes to help patients better understand and manage diabetes. Anyone who is newly diagnosed with diabetes or has not had any prior outpatient diabetes education is eligible. The classes began in July of 2013 and are now offered on a weekly basis. Many patients who have completed the group classes have seen a decrease in their hemoglobin A1c, or their average blood sugar control. So far, class participants’ average Hemoglobin A1c dropped from 8.03 to 6.98.

Through a series of three classes, patients explore how to live a healthy and vibrant life with diabetes.

  • In the first class, Allison Jenkins, RD explains what diabetes is and how it is treated. This class also offers an introduction to healthy eating and helps patients think about small changes they can make in their daily food choices.
  • In the second class, Wendy Moore, RN addresses many more of the common questions about diabetes such as why you need to check your blood sugar, what happens if your blood sugar is too low or too high, how medications help control blood sugar and what the long term complications of diabetes are and how you can help prevent them.
  • In the last class, Taylor Loftis, RD discusses advanced nutrition and meal planning. She also reviews the benefits of exercise and how to stay emotionally healthy with diabetes.

Once the classes are completed, patients follow up with their diabetes educators for continued support.

Other Health Education Services Include:

  •    Elevated Cholesterol
  •    High Blood Pressure
  •    Weight Management
  •    Pump Management
  •    Sports Nutrition
  •    Gastric Bypass Pre-op Dietary Counseling
  •    Other specialized diets
  •    Chronic Kidney Disease Nutrition Education


Please bring all prescription medications in their containers to each appointment.

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